Co-Founder & Vice President

Daneh Al Rayes

Daneh is currently the Co-Founder & Vice President of T-Linx, the first of its kind Bahraini based multidisciplinary advisory firm that specializes in Technology Solutions and Telecom Advisory Services. Since the establishment of T-Linx two years ago, Daneh has been working on implementing integrated automation solutions for key residential and commercial projects in Bahrain, as well as advising clients and decision makers on smart technology implementations. Prior to joining T-Linx, Daneh was Director of Communications & Consumer Affairs in the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the period from Sept 2003 to June 2007.Given her academic background in Computer Science and her technical experience in Batelco (prior to joining TRA), she took on the post of Acting Market Operations Director at TRA in the period from July 2005 to Jan 2006. In addition she was part of the WiMax licenses team and reviewed and vetted the draft licenses for WiMax to ensure consistency with policy and inclusion of consumer interests.