Make it happen

Nebula is a woman in tech initiative driven by C5 Accelerate with the mission of empowering women aspiring to engage in the tech space.

  • To create a trusted network for women to meet and collaborate
  • To provide opportunities to become a mentor or mentee
  • To provide education and change
  • To encourage more women to engage in tech
  • To create awareness and research around gender disparity and gaps in the workplace
  • To engage in philanthropic activities

What you'll get

Nebula Women in Tech Network aims to bring together women in tech and inspire and encourage them to explore and develop cloud-based products and solutions.

Access to research and thought leadership

Networking & Events

Access to networking and tailored thought leadership events


Access to technology

Local Events

Access to local events

Global Events

Access to global events


Priority in partners’ events and activities

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Annual Membership Cost: BHD 20 / $60 / £50